Review-Yamaha YPG-235 76-Key Portable Grand Piano Premium Pack

Yamaha YPG-235 76-Key Portable Grand Piano Premium PackYamaha YPG-235 76-Key Portable Grand Piano Premium Pack

The YPG 253 is by far the best product in the market that you can make use of if you are looking for a replacement for your piano and desire the same sound as generated by the piano to be generated by this particular device as well. There are seventy six keys in this particular instrument. They are quite heavy weighted and look just like the regular piano keys. However they are characterized or graded with a soft touch that really makes the sound that is generated from this piano is one that is extremely love to hear and to feel.

Sound Quality

The piano has as many as thirty built in songs and about seventy recorded songs. The songs that are present in the instrument are those that are divided into the right and left parts for the convenience of the pianist or the keyboard player.

Fully Keyboard Form

The Yamaha 253 has a keyboard which looks just like the keyboard that you get to see on a regular piano. However there is a distinct difference in terms of sound, the sound from this instrument being of a more acoustic type or nature.

Track Sequencer

You will be able to record your very own music with the help of the track sequencer feature that comes with the Yamaha 253. The track sequence helps you to record and sequence the songs in an ordered fashion and then listen to these once again the instrument itself.

Computer Connectivity

Computer connectivity is an option that you get to enjoy when you have the new Yamaha piano in your possession. You will be able to connect your instrument to the flash ROM and your USB and download music from the internet without any kind of difficulty at all.

Easy to operate

The new Yamaha piano is one that is quite easy and simple to operate and there are no complications involved in the execution. The device is characterized by an expandable music database and a registration memory that allows you to configure your keyboard in any manner that you like.

Realistic Sounding Voices and Easy Arrangement of Songs

With the Yamaha 253 you can arrange your music with great ease. The sound which is produced by this instrument is extremely realistic and you can create the sweetest songs and music with the help of this instrument in your home.

Performance Assistance

The Yamaha 253 is a piano that has performance assistance feature in it. This is a feature that will help you to maintain a perfect performance even if you happen to hit the wrong key in the course of playing your music. The maintenance of perfection is guaranteed.

Digital Effects

The Yamaha 253 has as many as twenty six in built harmony effects that you can use to create the best music.

Built in Metronome

The built in metronome feature is one of the finest features of the new Yamaha piano and is one that is fully adjustable.

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