Yamaha EZ-200 61 Full-Sized Touch Sensitive Lighted Keyboard Bundle

Yamaha EZ-200 61Yamaha EZ-200 61 Full-Sized Touch Sensitive Lighted Keyboard Bundle

The EZ 200 Yamaha piano is a wonderful new piano that you can buy from the market in order to experience a sound that is unique and different from that of the other keyboard instruments that are there in the music market.

The sound which is emanated from this particular piano is one which ins truly unique and resounding. There are some remarkable features that come with this piano such as the fact that the right key is pressed on your behalf even when you end up hitting the wrong key or button.

Realistic Sounds

Realistic sounds are something that you get to produce when you play this Yamaha piano. The music which you get to generate when playing this marvelous musical instrument is something that is incredibly sweet and different from any other sound which can be produced by any other instrument.


A delightful feature that comes with the Yamaha piano is the fact that you can connect your instrument to the computer without any difficulty at all. For example you can connect your instrument to the USB ports, the hard drive etc and record music in your computer and onto your instrument as well.


What makes the new Yamaha piano such a good product to buy from the market is that this is an instrument which comes with its very own built in metronome feature. The metronome is a timer and is one that is entirely adjustable by you.

Expressive Touch

The touch of the keys of this instrument is that which is similar to the touch of the piano. The touch is one which is most expressive and will feel just like the touch that you experience when you place your fingers over the keys of a piano.

367 Voices

There are as many as three hundred and sixty seven voices which you can choose from when you play this device. You can choose voices such as drums, bass, the voice of an electric piano as well as the voice of a regular piano instrument with this keyboard. A one touch setting is also something which you get to avail of when you have this piano in your possession. You do not have to press too hard over the keyboard and the sound shall be generated with a single soft touch rather than having to press several times.


The top most reverb or digital effects is something that you get to produce with the new Yamaha EZ-200 keyboard device.

What is in the Box

The box which accompanies the purchase of this instrument is that which contains a power supply, owner’s manual, a music rest and a song book.

Education Suite

There is an education suite which comes with this musical device which can actually help you to learn how to play music. There is lesson grading which basically monitors your progress and there is chord dictionary which teaches you how to play different kinds of chords.

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