Vladimir Horowitz-The Complete Original Jacket Collection-Review

Vladimir Horowitz- The Complete Original Jacket CollectionVladimir Horowitz – The Complete Original Jacket Collection

This is a box set and comprises of as many as 70 CD’s of all the compositions that were conceived and played by the renowned pianist Vladimir Horowitz. The recordings that are collected as a part of this edition date from those which were recorded from the year 1928 right up to the time of his demise in the year 1989.

The recordings which Vladimir Horowitz made with Deutsche Gramophone are included in the collection but those done with the HMV are not a part of the complete original jacket collection of his recordings.


The box contains as many as seventy CD’s all of which are stored in the individual sleeves. Some of the popular features of the collection include track listings as well as an essay on the early life of the composer that has been written by his producer, a man by the name of Jon Samuels.

The LP format which is the original format of the recordings has been used in the bringing out of this album. The early recordings of the pianist were those that were recorded in the format known as the 78 RPM. However in the decade of the 19040’s the LP format took over following which all future recordings were made in this particular format.

The recordings which were made from the year of 1959 onwards are those that were recorded in a highly stereophonic sound. The recordings till 1989 were recorded digitally. The previously issued material is that which makes use of the best transfers. The new material is however that which has been only very recently re mastered.

The CD does contain a collection of some recordings that were made but which were never really made known to the public. One such recording was that which had taken place in the Whitman College in the American city of Brooklyn. Another is a recording which had transpired in the famous Carnegie Hall but remains unknown till date.

These are the recordings which one can certainly get to listen to when one has this collection in one’s possession.

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