The Jasmine Acoustic Guitar by Takamine

The Jasmine Acoustic Guitar by Takamine S35 is the perfect musical tool for any music enthusiast. The quality of craftsmanship which goes into its making and stringent quality control make this guitar novel and a perfect gift be it your friend or family.

The material used for making the guitar is laminated nato which is sturdy and the instrument is not susceptible to wear and tear easily.

The front of the guitar has a spruce top which allows for rough use and hard strumming without spoiling the look or damaging the instrument. A satin finishing further enhances the texture of this guitar which has a rating of Class A.

Features of the Jasmine Acoustic Guitar by Takamine S 35

  • Spruce top makes the guitar sturdy
  • Laminated nato used on the back and sides providing for good finishing and durability
  • Finishing is smooth making it look good.
  • Rosewood fret board adds to a touch of elegance
  • Chrome plated tuning machines.

What is good about this guitar?

Easy adjustable fret board allows for the musician to choose the tune. The instrument is not easily damaged and has a look and feel and can be compared with any other world class instrument in its category.

The instrument can be put through carefree usage and has good portability. Great craftsmanship makes the Jasmine Acoustic Guitar by Takamine S35 a sought after possession and can be a perfect gift which will be appreciated.

What must we take care of after having purchased this guitar?

There is only one feature that needs to be looked into by the owner of the Jasmine Acoustic Guitar which is that there should be care in handling the instrument and it should not be exposed to water or any liquid.

The tuning machines are made of metal and are only plated with chrome to provide finishing. So exposing the instrument to water or humidity might corrode the metal tunings which is very harmful for the instrument. Other than this there is no other special attention or care which needs to be taken by the owner.


The Jasmine Acoustic Guitar by Takamine S35 scored a 4.3 rating out of 5 which is excellent. The product has been reviewed by 161 customers who have rated this instrument as a good purchase decision.

The product does well in ratings which talk about performance, product look and feel. The testimonials provided by the customers have recommended the purchase of this guitar.


The Jasmine Acoustic Guitar is definitely rated as a great purchase. Not only does it have good looks, and sounds good but the price of this instrument also makes it an affordable and smart purchase. Durability is good and there is not much care which needs to be taken by it’s owner allowing easy cartage.

Testimonials speak of the success of this product in the market among competitors and we definitely recommend this guitar as a good purchase decision be it for yourself or as a gift to a friend or your loved one.

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