7 Steps for Reading Piano Music for Beginners!

Tips to Learn PianoThe main factor that will help beginners learn piano music is the way of memorization. The notes, displayed as round dots on the line, and in the spaces there are symbols for keys to be pressed while playing.

Notes are usually displayed as 5 lined double sets known as grand stuff. The top set, which is treble clef represent keys played by right hand. Bottom set or the bass clef are for keys to be played by left hand. You can easily play the piano, once you learn the names of the notes.

The following instructions will easily help you to read piano music and playing it.

Reading Piano Music Instructions:

1. First of all in a staff paper, a grand stuff is to be drawn. Next, on the top set of lines, draw a sign for the treble clef. Then, the top of the treble clef and the bottom of the bass clef are connected with a line.

2. A whole page consisting of grand stuff is created. These will the worksheet where you will memorize the names of the notes and where they are placed. Make at least 3 of these sheets.

3. Your next job is labeling the note names on the lines of the grand stuffs. From bottom to top in the treble clef, there are notes, E, G, B, D, and F and from top to bottom in bass clef there are notes A, F, D, B and G. Repetition of this pattern on the worksheet is needed which will ultimately help in memorization.

4. Next comes labeling the spaces. From bottom to top space, there are notes F, A, C and E. And from top to bottom of bass clef, there are G, E, C and A. Repetition of this is again needed.

5. Now, the next step is drawing the notes. A round dot is drawn on each line and space instead of letters. While drawing the dots note names should be said aloud. On treble clef in lines and spaces, the notes are E, F, G, A, B, C, D and E. on the bass clef from top to bottom in lines and spaces, there are A, G, F, E, D, C, B, A, G. this process should be repeated again.

6. Now, the harder part is finding the notes in the piano keyboard. E is the first note; placed after 2 white keys above the note C. the memorized notes are placed on the right hand side of E moving onwards. In the bass clef, first note is A which is 2 white keys downwards from the middle C. memorized notes are arranged on the left hand side of A.

7. Practice is heavily needed. Use the worksheets, often check every note you have written, speak aloud the letter name and press the keyboard. Always remember that while playing treble clef, right hand is to be used and left hand should be used for playing bass clef.

Practice and repeat the process often until it seems easy to recall the names of the notes written on the grand stuff.

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