Review – Yamaha ARIUS YDP-V240 Digital Piano With Bench

A home Piano with 88-key, Acoustic sounds, USB Connectivity, 238 Effects Types, Realistic & More.

The new Yamaha ARIUS YDP-V240 Digital Piano With Bench in the market is one that is of a standard weight and is one of the latest forms of the piano in the music market in today’s times. The piano is eighty eight key graded which basically means that one can compose just about any kind of tune that one wishes to, using this piano. The Yamaha piano is a joy to play and provides the person who is playing it with a truly delightful and memorable experience.

Matte Finish for the Black Keys

The black keys which constitute a crucial aspect of the Yamaha piano are those that are characterized by a matte finish which in turn is quite a convenience for the person who is playing the piano. The piano playing activity becomes a whole lot smoother when the keys are of a matte finish.

Advanced Wave Memory

The advanced wave memory option that comes with the new Yamaha keyboard is that which enables the music player to create the kind of impression that is generally made by an acoustic instrument of any possible kind.

Dynamic and Realistic Sounds

The sounds which are generated by the new Yamaha piano are those that are incredibly genuine as well as sweet. One can get to create the most delightful music with the help of the new Yamaha piano and create quite a sensation as a result of this.

Digital Signal Processor

This is a brand new feature of the Yamaha keyboard and is one that makes it possible for the person who is playing the keyboard to add DSP effects to the dual voices as well as to the main voices. This could mean an ambience of distortion or a reverb like ambience.

Performance Assistant Technology

When you play on the Yamaha keyboard you will be able to ensure that your performance is a perfect one. This is becomes the performance assistant technology that this keyboard is known to come with is that which ensures that your performance remains unaffected, even if you happen to be playing all the wrong keys.

Song Arranging Made Easy and Music Database

Song arranging is something that you can do with relative ease in this instrument. Also, if you wish to play a particular genre of music but are not sure which, you can choose the genre from the music database which is there in the instrument in built.

Connect to a USB Device

You can connect your instrument to a USB device for the purpose of song recording. For instance you can connect your instrument to a hard drive or to a flash drive.


The set up and the computer connections are those that are quite easy to handle and you can really get to take advantage of the computer software and its developments when you play the new Yamaha piano. You can enjoy playing the most varied music with this device.

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