Review – Mendini 1/16 MV300 Solid Wood Violin in Satin Finish

Mendini 1/16 MV300 Solid Wood Violin

Mendini 1/16 MV300 Solid Wood Violin in Satin Finish with Hard Case, 2 Bows, Rosin, 2 Bridges and Extra Strings.

The perfect Violin to start with would be Mendini Violin for those who wish to start learning it or for those who are learning it.

The hand-carved Spruce top and maple back are done with great artwork in order to maintain its sober look, this feature is worth to mention. Apart from that the violin has fingerboard carved from rosewood, comfortable chin rest space, and four tuners built in the violin in the alloy end.

The violin has added stuffs such as, two authentic wooden Brazil bows, along with a piece of paper which is genuine Horsehair made of Mongolian article, a hard shell case which is lightweight in order to make it easy while carrying and it comes with a strap in the back to carry it in the shoulder instead of keeping it in hand and it is helpful for those who might use the violin to carry it to the music school or going to the orchestra. And it also includes excellent quality rosin cake, two surpluses Violin Bridge is added along with an extra set of violin string set.

The violin Lovers can buy it without any second thought as the instrument comes with 1 year warranty and in case of any kind of defects detected, it can be repaired or replaced as per the Requirement.

The Feature of the Product in a nutshell:

  • The size of the Violin Is 1/16 and it is made with spruce top, maple finishing back, the sides and the neck have a nice shiny varnish finished body.
  • Fingerboard of rosewood and chin rest and pegs, and alloy end with four tuners which is built in the violin itself.
  • Two fine Brazil wood bow with excellent quality unbleached cloth of horsehair from Mongolia.
  • It also adds an extra set of violin strings and two violin bridges and superior rosin cake.
  • The one year warranty which comes with the benefit against the defects from the manufacture end.

Important issue about the Mendini Violin:

Most Important is Sound of the instrument. This Violin has fine soothing sound if it is properly tuned and in many cases it sounds better than the costly Violin’s which in general the larger scale of students prefers.

There is no a bad remark or negative impact on the production of Cheap Violins in the Market. But presently the quality would depend and vary as per the person buying the violin, they might find it as a good quality violin or some other might not.

The longevity does matter a lot regarding the instrument. The Violin players vary from young to the elder age group. In case of parents sending young violin player does not expect to keep their violin carefully without dropping it or from other misuses and lastly at times it becomes a victim of temper tantrum. But this violin is well constructed with a tough feel and it is durable too.

The Size is although made tiny due to the measurement of 1/16 because mainly young ones starting from age 2 years to 3 years are targeted for this Violin.

The Violin comes with ready setup but what setup requires is to manage the pegs and tune the violin from time to time.

The Violin is indeed a great instrument and when this kind of instruments are built with an aim to help the young ones to learn it, makes it must buy for those kids who loves to play music or who has this desire for musical instrument.

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