Review-Cecilio Violin 4/4 CVN-700 Highly Flamed 1-Piece Back Ebony Fitted

Cecilio Violin 4/4 CVN-700 Highly Flamed 1-Piece Cecilio 4/4 CVN-700 Highly Flamed 1-Piece Back Ebony Fitted Professional Solid Wood Violin

To cover all the requirement of professional violin these CVN-700 are very well crafted. It has great feature that it is crafted by hands and has age of seven years minimum. It has inlaid purfling which is quite beautiful with oil finish on it. It has maple which is quite solid present on back and side. It also have spruced top which is also carved with hands. Mother of pearl tailpiece, fingerboard, chest etc is fitted within violin.

It has four tuners which are detachable. This beautiful instrument has hard shell case. This case is designed very nicely and efficiently it consists of straps with several pockets for different accessories to store them properly. This is designed very well to protect your violin. It has velvet blanket which will cover your whole violin so that no dust can ruin it. Hygrometer is also present in order to check the humidity.

Not only these features it is also provided with bow and Mongolian horsehair which is unbleached. It also consists of shoulder rest for providing full comfort. So when do not worry much before buying this instrument because it has warranty period of one year.

Feature of CVN-700

  • It has grained spruce top with maple which is highly flamed is available on back and sides.
  • It has full size of 4/4 and very beautifully carved by using hands.
  • It has oil finish done with using semi hands and inlaid purfling. It consist of all features explained above like tailpiece, chest rest etc to make instrument amazing.
  • It also consists of hard case which has shape of crescent. It has many other additional features which makes this instrument more amazing and attractive like bow, rosin cakes, large number of strings so that it can produce great tunes, shoulder rest which can be adjusted according to your personal requirement and two bridges.
  • It has bonus of 92D chromatic tuner with addition of lesson book and also metronome.
  • It gives you whole year warranty so in any case you face any problem you can easily exchange it.

Reviews from customers

All people who are using CVN-700 have given wonderful reviews about the product. They said they are totally satisfied with the product. They are quite happy with its normal price so that anyone who does not have that much amount can easily buy this product. They are so happy with this product that they are recommending this to everyone who is interested in violin.

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