Review-Cecilio 4/4 CEVN-1NA Solid Wood Mahogany Metallic Electric / Silent Violin

Cecilio 4/4 CEVN-1NA Solid Wood Mahogany Metallic Electric / Silent ViolinCecilio 4/4 CEVN-1NA Solid Wood Mahogany Metallic Electric / Silent Violin with Ebony Fittings in Style 1

Functionality and style of Cecilio electric violin is quite excellent. It will give excellent result during recording even while performing on some platform. It has special feature that anyone can practise well without creating any disturbance for any other person. It has such a wonderful feature of 1/8” jack which allow it to behave just like guitar because you can create same amplification as guitar and even as PA system.

It also contains volume system via which you can create environment according to your choice. The one can do practise by using headphone jack and even for background track there is availability of line in jack.

This violin package is quite cool and great it consists of many things that is required by one who is using violin like headphone, bow, case etc. This type of violin is quite great for professional even this violin can be very well used by intermediate and student too.

Features of violin

  • This violin is available in mahogany colour.
  • It has power of 9V plus it also consists of alkaline battery in it.
  • It also provide one year warranty period.
  • This wonderful violin system consists of wooden case which is quite light in weight with headphones, aux cable and wooden bow.
  • Ebony fingerboard and tailpiece is present along with wooden case which carved with hands.
  • It has size of 4/4 with which has style of silent or electric violin with full size in mahogany colour.


1.      No doubt it is violin but still it can act like electric guitar you can generate any amplification by using this violin.

2.      Everyone before buying any product bother about price then to precise it has excellent price and has beautiful structure and it can produce great tone.

3.      Usually it quite difficult to carry hefty device so for your convenience this instrument is very light in weight including its case.

4.      Its case is very attractive and lightweight too. It has various pockets to store various accessories of violin.

5.      Bow and rosin are also provided with this instrument. The whole instrument is more beautiful than I expected. With features of violin it can give tone of guitar too.


1.      No doubt this instrument has lot advantages but it has disadvantage too. There are many strings present on this violin. Normally all violin have that much amount of strings. So if you are someone who is not experienced can create mess with violin because it is not that easy to tune all strings. Even if you get it tuned by someone else after sometime it will again get un-tuned.

2.      When you buy this instrument you won’t get any shoulder rest with this. You have to buy it separately. So you have to pay extra money for this shoulder rest and other problem with this is no space available in violin case for shoulder rest.

Few tips

No doubt there are few problems but still this instrument give stupendous results with great amplification and its tone.

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