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About the Cecilio CEVN-2NA Violin


The Cecilio Electric Violin is a great choice whether you’re an aspiring musician or a professional. The instrument offers excellent functionality and style and offers a host of features which is beneficial for the musician. The outfit comprises of a standard measure 1/8” output jack who plugs into most guitar amps making the instrument universally […]

Review of SV- 175 Cremona Violin


Cremona Violins have been rated among the top in the industry for their standards, solid carved violins and reasonable prices. The violins are perfect for amateurs as well as professionals. Each of the Violins is crafted from the very best materials with by talented and skilled luthiers. The Cremona Premier Student Violins are so made […]

How to Put Strings on a Violin?

How to put violin strings

When a string of a violin is being changed it can get really confusing if you do not possess the correct knowledge to do so. It is always easy to just go to a shop and seek their help; however, there are some procedures through which you can change your string just in the nick […]

A Complete Step by Step Guide To Start to Play the Violin

Steps to Learn Violin

One of the best musical instruments that can ever be mastered by a human being is the violin. When learned properly, it can be used to produce some of the most melodious sounds that can ever be presented in an orchestra. Learn also To Play Guitar and To Play Piano In spite of being one […]

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