Casio Privia PX-130 88-Key Digital Stage Piano – Review

Casio Privia PX-130 88-Key Digital Stage Piano Feel the essence of music with Casio Privia PX-130 88-Key Digital Stage Piano

The digital piano group has been totally redefined by the novel Casio PX-130 with an extraordinary performance and sound quality in a smooth shiny package that can be totally moveable. Talking about the features of all new impressive piano samples with a new Tri-antenna 88-reminder ranged strike keyboard, whose weight will be not more than 25 lbs; this new Casio instrument is  adaptable enough for school, home, church or stage.

Pragmatism, Energetic and Appearance

The piano PX-130 conveys an extraordinary level of sound that is full of practicality and expression. The Casio’s privately owned Linear Morphing system is incorporated with four vibrant layers of stereo piano samples, which results in a grand piano sound with a flawless alteration and a better active range. When the dampers are lifted up by the pedal with the help of Audio Resonance DSP, then the PX-130 creates the sounds of open strings.

It has also with the features like 128-note polyphony, ability to cover sounds, sufficient horsepower for nearly all the challenging musical passages and utility of damper pedal without getting troubled for dropped notes. All this leads to grand piano knowledge that at no cost be matched.

Animated Touch

The Privia PX-130 which has a new Tri-sensor 88-note ranged strike keyboard Casio’s also results in a genuine piano touch that arrest every tone and details of your performance. These strike keyboards gives weight, resistance and feel without giving up the mobility of the instrument.

Educational Characteristics

In addition to the excellent piano sound and keyboard action, the PX-130 is an ideal instrument for music education also. With the help of Casio’s duet mode, the keyboard can be divided into two equal parts, where a student and a teacher can play at the keyboard at a time. With the in-built 2 track recorder and metronome of PX-130, you can practice any tempo and afterwards can listen to what you had just played. This recording facility can also be used to remember song ideas and detain the moments of creativity. There is a voluntary SP-32 pedal board which is a photocopy of a magnificent audio piano by offering all three pedals –sostenuto, soft and damper.

Connectivity and creativity

You can easily connect PX-130 to your computer with the help of its in-built USB MIDI interface. The 88-note weighed striker keyboard makes PX-130 a perfect regulator keyboard for utilizing it in music software applications. You can move your songs to and from the computer into PX-130’s Rom with the help of the USB connection, which also allows you to save songs that you have created.

Flexibility, design and Portability  

PX-130 is so designed that you can take it to your school, home, church or stage. Due to its light weight, you can easily shift your PX-130 from home to classroom without any problem. It gets easily connect to computer via USB.

Different varieties

 There is an option for you to choose from layered or split and 16 built in tones. Even you can choose for sounds from 4 digital reverbs, 4 choruses together with intensity and acoustic resonance setting.

2 Headphone connections

It consists of two headphone connections, perfect for duet style.

Speaker System

In-built speakers with 2×8 Watts of output power, at least a room can be filled with sound.


3 Pedal unit dampers, sostenuto and soft with optional SP-32

Wood stand

The CS-67 stand holds PX-130 perfectly.

In the Box

It consists of Privia PX-130 Keyboard, Music stand, User’s manual, AC Adapter.

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