Casio CS-67 Keyboard Stand for PX130, PX150, PX330 and PX350

Casio CS-67 Keyboard Stand for PX130, PX150, PX330 and PX350Casio CS-67 Keyboard Stand for PX130, PX150, PX330 and PX350: Excellent for all the Novice players

The Casio CS-67 Keyboard stand fulfills the requirements of the people experienced in all fields from practice to play in an easy way. Casio keyboards like PX130 and PX330 gets fit to this Casio keyboard stand.

This keyboard appliance helps the would-be pianist so that their shoulder/body and hand position is accurate while playing piano. Say goodbye to those old table or desk and go for this good quality Casio keyboard stand with a dark wood grain touch.

Features of the Keyboard stand

  • High quality  dark wood grain
  • Best suits for home
  • Excellent support
  • Devised for PX130 and PX330
  • Fully stylish appearance


  1. Heavy weight keys.
  2. Lucid and crisp sounds, which can be made louder when needed.
  3. The 12 like instruments works perfectly and as far as sound is concerned you get damn good quality for this price (better than other rivalry brands just the next price level).
  4. Enormous audio-out sounds, better than the inbuilt speakers in the keyboard.
  5. It can be an incredible piano replacement, if you are unable to find a real piano.


The pedal is very weak and delicate, due to which I went for a Casio branded pedal bar and stand and no doubt it works amazingly.

If you play hard and fast, the keys can be even louder. A paler can’t even notice the thump of the keys. It can be noticed only if the player uses headphones but it can bother others in the room. If this fact worked properly, then all the instruments would have been good.

If you are looking first time for a digital piano, then I can easily recommend this and it won’t embarrass you.

Casio CS 67 Keyboard Stand; Now, purchase a PX330 or PX130 and sit at a relaxed height for accurate playing! A keyboardist can only know that one of the inputs to worth playing and practice is comfort.

It is devised for both PX330 and PX130 keyboards and also a means for getting your keyboard to a right position for playing. Get rid of using those old surfaces or desk as the dark wood grain keyboard is a perfect match for the look of these keyboards. If your keyboard is placed to a proper height, then it will be easy for apprentice players to learn the modes and scales.

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