Beats Studio Over-Ear Headphone – Review

Beats Studio Over-Ear HeadphoneNow Enjoy Listening more with Beats Studio Head Kits

The Beat studio headphones by Dr. Dre are of stylish and comfortable design. It is very much like audiophiles provides professional-grade sound with exceptional level of power and performance. The best feature of such headphones is the reliable and proper cancellation of noise audio texture. These headphones can be used in tuning all sorts of genre in music for restless usage.


  • It  amplifies music waves while blocking noise.
  • Thick and padded glossy Ear cups is the best suited for user keeping ears cool and comfortable.
  • Remote control based system having a mute button on ear cups.
  • Top notch sound quality with original Beats studio battery power.

Quality Characters:

Keep aside the noise:

The headphones are backed up with pair of AAA batteries, has the beautiful quality of noise cancelling through activating a switch near the right ear cup. So that you can comfortably listen to music without any hitch.

Exceptional ear cups:

The ear cups are made of breathable materials and designed spaciously provide extra room and better listening. Plush, cushions are there to reduce perspiration while listening continuously.

Best Fittings:

The light weight of the headphones helps in carrying the item anywhere and increases flexibility. These phones are warm, balanced in ears  and very impressive delivering high end detail.

Electronic control:

Electronically these headphones are very sound. Special genres like hip-hop, dance, hard rock etc suites the requirement of a listener as per the song and can create tremendous music mania amongst the music lovers. Audio cables (3.5mm thick) are used red for playing MP3 files and talking over iPhone and iPods as well.

Thus Beat Headphones and its technology to provide the user comfort and flexibility has become very attractive in the market. Overall music lovers can have a fantastic listening experience with this.


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