Basic Guitar Chords for Beginners!

Basic Guitar ChordsThe fundamental guitar chords that are described here make up the basis of popular guitar playing.

Though they are called beginner chords, they are used daily by both beginners and advanced guitar players. They are also put to use in various music styles. Learners must play these chords again and again till they remember them by heart and become capable of switching chords comfortably and fluidly.

Learning the theory of guitar music can be very helpful. By learning theory, the art of remembering guitar chords becomes a lot simpler and gives one the feeling one knows what he’s doing – not just learning a few diagrams from charts of guitar chords.

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Open Chords

Open chords or what some people call folk chords, are generally the first thing a guitar learner picks up.  But by no means can these kind of chords be called easy. Learning the art of getting the fingers of the left hand to work in unison and bring out a clean sound is tough. If you practice  regularly you will soon be able to master this art.

These chords are called ‘open’ because at least one string of the guitar is left open while playing. These basic chords of the guitar are used extensively in music, on the acoustic guitar in particular. They are also used when playing electric guitars, though open strings give a better sound on acoustic instruments. Open chords are used more by folk musicians, singer-songwriters and country music players.

The finest way to learn guitar’s basic chords is by becoming skilled in songs.

Certain Chords

Certain chords are called bar chords, because a player ‘bars’ all strings on one fret using the index finger. When you do this, your finger takes the place of the guitar’s nut. Depressing all the frets with a finger is a difficult thing to do. There is no easy solution to this hurdle.

You have to practice hard and for long. Some beginners can play basic bar chords very nicely in the first week of learning, but for the rest it takes a longer time.

Here’s the chart of basic guitar chords

Guitar Chords

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